“Sincerely” by Illustrator Evan M. Cohen

A heartwarming comic about animal companionship by illustrator Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here). Tapping into his own relationship with his dog, “Sincerely” is a love letter to his dear friend, one that can be shared with others who have experienced the same beautiful and bittersweet connection:

“‘Sincerely’ was my way of capturing the feeling I have when I am with my dog Judy. How I protect her and she protects me. How I have watched her grow up and how we have grown together. How I am her world and she is mine. How strong and important this relationship is but also how fragile and temporary it is too.”

The project will be available later this month as a 24 page, 3 colour Risograph comic book printed by Risolve Studio. See more images along with Cohen’s accompanying poem below.

And undivided,
My temporary
By my side
We are alive.

This place is now
Your home,
We won’t feel
So alone.

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