Artist Spotlight: Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Originally from the Bay Area, California, artist Lynnea Holland-Weiss is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Deeply informed by her background in dance and movement, Holland-Weiss’ paintings exemplify the value she places in somatic ways of processing and engaging with the world. Her work embraces the simultaneity and interdependence of dichotomies like love/fear, sky/soil, embrace/longing, warm/cold, and expansion/loss. She elaborates:

“I paint humans embracing, faces longing, limbs reaching and weight shifting. We are breathing bodies full of water, love and heartache. The way our limbs fold, or where we hold weight, is our muscle memory tenderly telling our history. The figures I paint wear their hearts on their sleeves. They embrace vulnerability. They are grieving. They are yearning. They are flooded by their desire to be held in their complex, whole truths. They ask the same of us, to be ripe, present and full.”

See more from Lynnea Holland-Weiss below!

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