Photographer Spotlight: Jamie Lee Taete

Jamie Lee Taete is a British writer and photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Turning his lens toward the current lack of consensus around objective reality in the U.S., Taete is drawn to this theme as he sees how it permeates nearly all aspects of daily life. “I feel that the drift away from reality has gotten more extreme in recent years,” he says. I moved to this country a couple of months before the Sandy Hook shooting happened. An event that, because it didn’t really lead to any serious soul searching or changes with the American public, felt like a real turning point in what the US was willing to tolerate, belief-wise. To my eye, it’s all been downhill from there. Especially during the pandemic, which birthed so many conspiracy theories and questionable beliefs.” Taete’s images capture the pervasive dissonance ever-present in the vast range of disparate “truths” coexisting in the U.S. right now.

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