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Artist Gabriela Farias presents a striking selection of contemporary sculptural wall art from her latest series. View more of her work by visiting her Instagram page.

Abstract wood wall sculpture

“Entre el Do Re Mi” lacquered wood, 180cm x 78cm

I was always a creative and very curious girl. It was fascinating for me to understand the processes of creation of everything that was comprehensible for my age.

Abstract sculpture in lacquered wood

“Mas Alla, Que Aqui” lacquered wood, 55cm x 36cm x 3.5cm

I knew I wanted to make a career in the creative world, but I still didn’t know which one or how to do it. I thought that my dialogue with art was going to be only as a collector. It’s why I think this world found me organically.

Lacquered wood sculpture

The artist Gabriela Farias with “Nébula Azul” lacquered wood, 90cm x 60cm

During my college years, despite being trained as an interior architect at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I had the opportunity to work with wood, pottery, and metals.

untitled wood sculpture

“Untitled” lacquered wood, 80 cm diameter

Part of the advantages of studying in an art school is just this—the lines between the different disciplines are intertwined. It awakened in me an enormous curiosity to explore all the possibilities of an untapped creative world.

abstract wood wall sculpture

“Debate Distorsionado” lacquered wood, 156cm x 137cm

I think my training as an architect is reflected in my work. It was important to me that, wherever they were, they carried with them an architectural, three-dimensional element that lived beyond “the wall”. I never really imagined them any other way.

detail of painted wood sculpture

“Debate Distorsionado” (detail shot)

There is something special about the three-dimensionality of what I do. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface on that one. I am very excited to create immersive spaces, installations, that are stimulating experiences for the five senses that transport people to my utopian world.

mixed media wall sculpture

“Technicolor Distortion” lacquered wood and linen, 1m x .7m x 11cm

The pieces are born in an imaginary world; only I live there. They are the reflection of emotions that come from the real world, in the utopian one. This may sound weird, but I close my eyes and see them. They usually appear just when I’m about to sleep, between being awake and dreaming. Once they materialize, they are no longer mine alone.

Lacquered wood sculpture

“Antes” lacquered wood, 102cm x 133cm

I am inspired by memories of my childhood, sounds, music. The pieces carry nostalgia in them, although at first glance this goes unnoticed. They are graphic capsules of my memory.

wall sculpture in wood

“Durante” lacquered wood, 102cm x 133cm

My work has high visual impact thanks to the use of scale, colors and shapes. It’s a forced invitation to pause and observe, but without wanting to intimidate thanks to the use of a familiar material: wood.

Wall sculpture in wood

“Después” lacquered wood, 94cm x 125cm

This medium alludes to tradition, history and a sense of home we all know and feel comfortable with. The pieces are the result of a conversation between the past and the present, with the uncertainty of the future.

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