Artist Spotlight: Niv Bavarsky

A selection of recent work by artist, illustrator, and musician Niv Bavarsky (previously featured here). Based between the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and Mexico City, Bavarsky wears many hats, making his living as a commercial artist spanning the realms of tech, editorial illustration, advertising and TV animation, and album covers. He also occasionally works as a music composer for animation projects, having scored some short films and a recent Adventure Time Special.

Aside from his commercial work, Bavarsky maintains an active personal practice, making drawings, paintings, comics, and music with a focus on his own creative needs and “an ever-expanding personal symbology.” Collaboration is a significant part of his art life: in 2020 he co-authored and illustrated a graphic novel, “Old Growth” (Fantagraphics Underground Press), and also designs the album covers for his brother, Dory Bavarsky, and his meta-fictional record label, Full Color Sound Records. He also releases electronic music under the name Youngest Brother. 

See more from Niv Bavarsky below!

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