“McDonald’s Psalms” by Artist Madeline Rupard

A delightful series from artist Madeline Rupard. Happily torn between East and West, Rupard was born in Utah and raised in Washington DC. She received her BFA from Brigham Young University, MFA from Pratt Institute, and is currently based out of Ridgewood, NY. A keen observer of the conditions of our daily lives, her work explores dualities and juxtapositions in a way that feels both meditative and lighthearted.  As she describes her approach:

“I paint pictures to wrestle contradictions between past and present, the sacred and the mundane, the romantic and the realist. My paintings are also about floors, ceilings, and skies, and the evocative potential of color. I’m very curious about the way this world looks. One of my greatest joys in life is driving my car down the highway.”

“McDonald’s Psalms” is from Rupard’s ongoing comic series “On the Run Again.” See more images below.

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