Video: Ask a Gallery Owner | How Many Artists Can a Gallery Effectively Represent? – RedDotBlog

In this session, I respond to a question from an artist named Grace in NJ:

“In researching galleries, I notice some galleries represent hundreds of artists. Literally 25 w the last name starting with an “A” and so on through the alphabet. Are they galleries that just have your images on file for people to peruse? What is your take or experience with galleries such as these?”

Are you currently, or have you been in the past, represented by a gallery (online or off) that purports to represent hundreds or even thousands of artists? Have you had sales through the gallery? What do you feel is the optimal number of artists for a gallery to represent? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Have a question you would like me to answer in an upcoming session? Post it in the comments as well.

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