“Rousseau” by Jorge Pomar in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Street artist Jorge Pomar recently worked on a new mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Entitled “Rousseau” the mural has collaborative effort of Pomar and Diego Bianchi. The mural spans 30 x 6 meters and is done with acrylic paint and liquid roofing membrane.

A year ago we started painting “Rousseau” as an exercise for another project that finally didn’t come out. We worked with acrylic paint and liquid roofing membrane. We camouflaged ourselves with the asphalt patches on the street, the cracks of tar, the burgundy of the sheet metal roofs of the area, the winter morning blue sky and the ephemeral shadows.

Trials and errors. One year of sporadic meetings to do a drawing without destiny.

Jorge Pomar aka Amor works on diverse themes, such as as vexillology, geometry and nature, focusing in the study of color across multiple disciplines: murals, drawings, ceramics, installations, photography, video and printed publications.

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