“Everyday Sculptures” By Photographer Julie Hrnčířová

Julie Hrnčířová is a Czech photographer based in Norway. In her ongoing series, “Everyday Sculptures,” she seeks out accidental “ready-mades” in the urban environment. Fascinated by the human gestures and traces left behind, she is drawn to these seemingly banal, fleeting compositions, depicting them as “artifacts that reflect creativity, ingenuity, and a sense of amateur DIY activity.”

In a time of heightened consumerism—when everything that is worn out is immediately replaced by something new—Hrnčířová perceives these moments as the result of an immediate and worldwide material need. “The series deals with materials recovered from a world that may already be in ruins, but at the same time under an infinite construction,” she explains. “It can offer a new reading of a society that has a habit of disposing of objects as quickly as they have been acquired.”

See more from “Everyday Sculptures” below!

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