Artist Spotlight: Olamide Ogunade

Olamide Ogunade is a Nigerian artist based in Surulere, Lagos. With a fascination for art that began in childhood, Ogunade’s practice has developed over the years through rigorous training, research, and practice. His works draw inspiration from his personal experiences, and those of his greater African society. Spanning various mediums, including ballpoint pen, acrylic and oil paints, charcoal, and pencil, his figurative paintings explore themes of corruption, self-esteem, negligence, greed, and the inferiority complex that he sees among his fellow Africans. With his art, Ogunade hopes to spread a positive message and promote an understanding of Black identity. “My art doesn’t seek to correct the ills of society,” he explains. “It encourages and empowers the young and old in the society to work and be determined positively. Hence, they should never give up, because ‘persistence is the key to breakthroughs.’”

See more from Olamide Ogunade below!

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