Artist Spotlight: Harvey C. Jackson

Top Image: “A Conference Beginning Of Older Boys And Older Girls In Detroit Auspices Of Y.W.C.A. And Y.M.C.A.”, March 23-25, 1923.

Harvey C. Jackson was another trailblazer that started the legacy of Black photographers in the United States. Though he was born in Cleveland, Jackson later moved to Detroit and possibly became the first African-American to set up a photo studio in the city. Jackson is most well-known for his documentation of the African-American community in Detroit. He was an active member of many groups, giving him an insight that outsiders could never have.

“Burning The Mortgage Of The Phyllis Wheatley Home”, January 4, 1915.

His works followed in line with many African-American photographers at the time. During this era, the rise of the Harlem Renaissance saw the community coming together like never before. Other than his documentation of community gatherings, Jackson also took photos of the new middle class to help promote social change.

“American Red Cross Society, Workroom 156,  Ebenezer A.M.E. Church”, 1918?

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