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The Other Art fair is now live! We are pleased to announce the extraordinary show of independent artists that will be joining us for the 2022 summer edition, making it possible for aspiring collectors and those discovering art for the very first time to buy directly from artists. Join us from 30th June – 3 July 2022, at West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross and discover more than 100 of today’s cutting-edge artists, view 1000s of artworks and take part in a unique visitor experience with our fairs features.

Anouka Pedley, London Senior Fair Manager “Explore art less ordinary this July with our exhibitor line-up.”

Sorcha Bridge (above): Based between London and Brighton, The images she captures have a vibrancy and uniqueness that captures the moment. Photographing outrageous and courageous female identifying performers, she uses post-production techniques such as gold leaf and neon to highlight the image.

JR CHUO (Above):  Is a young British-Portuguese contemporary paper cut artist, featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, 2022. Ise Katagami, a Japanese craft of making stencils, which inspires the work of the artist JR CHUO, whose work examines society’s façades that conceal harsh realities, with a particular focus on climate change’s effects on coral reefs.

Hannah Gilson (Above): A mixed media artist based in London, her work combines painting, screen printing, and drawing. While having a background in fine art, her work has naturally evolved into hand drawn and digital illustrations and engages with popular culture and aesthetics. She has a piece in the new collection at Anthropologie and has been commissioned for an editorial illustration by the Evening Standard Magazine.

Charmaine Chanakira (above): She uses modern expressionism mixed with her African culture to create abstract and less refined paintings. Identifying as a  BLACK/ ZIMBABWEAN/ MIGRANT/ WOMAN living in the UK forms the basis to her practice; as the artist claims: ‘I’m not just one thing, I am all and none.’ The work of Chanakira challenges the world in which she lives, engaging with concepts such as decolonization and social justice.

Lisa-Marie Price (above): Is an abstract painter from London who explores the connection between nature, people, and place. She uses natural pigments foraged both in urban and rural areas to create her methodical style using handmade watercolours. Her paintings are made from a connection with the land that she can never get from shop-bought paint.

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