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New Zealand artist Jo Rankin shares a selection of ethereal, layered abstract paintings. Find more of her art by visiting her website.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Ahead of Me” acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 60cm

From my early school days I knew that I loved being creative. During my college years, art was one of my chosen subjects.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Turn Up the Volume” acrylic on canvas, 76cm x 50cm

Leaving school and getting a sensible office job was what you did in those days, and so I put my dreams on hold. Then came marriage, children and homemaking which took priority over other things in my life. However, I did begin to make some time for me and took night classes; enjoying such things as pottery, sketching and pattern making. All of these explorations clearly showed me that I had a passion for colour, design, shape and texture.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Give Me a Moment” acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 41cm

In my early fifties I went back to school, enrolling in a two-year Interior Design programme. I loved every minute of it and after graduating I set up my own interior styling business.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Humming a Tune” acrylic on canvas, 58cm x 78cm

Some years later my husband and I decided to make a move from city life to a small town life and ended up at a village situated at the northern end of Lake Taupo. We fell in love with this area after holidaying there quite frequently. Inspiration abounded as I was surrounded by colour and beautiful scenery. Thus began my journey as a painter.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Watching Leaves Go By” acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 50cm

I am largely a self-taught artist, but have broadened my knowledge and skills with many online classes over the years. I graduated from MoMA’s post war painting programme, the Artists Network University, completing both Abstraction and Abstract Realism, graduated from the Creative Visionary Programme and in 2019 I was filmed while painting by “Colour in Your Life.” They distributed my tutorial worldwide on YouTube and the TV Arts Channels in over fifty countries.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Criss Crossing” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 75cm

I still love learning, and although I have been a full-time artist for ten years, I continue to explore new ideas and techniques. Three years ago, I opened my own small gallery beside my studio. This was such a thrill—to at last have a space where I could show my art properly and in a professional manner.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Viva” mixed media on board, 55cm x 45cm

Recently I have incorporated some mixed media into my paintings and I am really enjoying this process. Placing collage pieces and creating the design into my artwork can be challenging, but I love how I can sand back an image, paint over it and then wipe paint off. I often get unexpected surprises when I use this method.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Diva” mixed media on board, 55cm x 45cm

Most of my paintings have many layers, giving them beautiful depth, and revealing shadowy shapes and marks.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Southern Alps” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 75cm

Colour, harmony, balance and design—these and more—are points I consider when I am painting. I love creating art that has the viewers seeing areas that excite them, areas that tickle their fancy and areas that bring them peace and a quiet time; thus giving them an emotional experience.

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

“Looking Pretty” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 75cm

This is the joy of being an artist, bringing happiness and pleasure to others through my paintings.

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