“Vía Oeste” by Pablo S. Herrero in Salamanca, Spain

Pablo S. Herrero’s recent project, “Vía Oeste,” has brought three stunning murals to the picturesque town of Villavieja de Yeltes in Salamanca, Spain. Titled “Ilex Umbra,” these murals pay tribute to the significant oak trees in the area, offering a poignant connection between art and nature.

However, beneath the surface beauty, these murals also shed light on the challenges faced by this region, including depopulation and the controversial fight against a proposed uranium mine, which many argue offers false promises of a brighter future.

In a region grappling with the exodus of its young population and the looming specter of environmental degradation, Herrero’s murals serve as a powerful reminder of the enduring beauty and importance of nature. Through “Ilex Umbra,” he highlights the significance of these ancient oaks and the urgent need to protect them. In doing so, Herrero’s art not only captivates the eye but also sparks crucial conversations about the intersection of art, nature, and the future of this beautiful yet challenged town in Salamanca.

Scroll down below to see more photos of Pablo S. Herrero’s most recent project,

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