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Artist Lady Butterfly presents a collection of three-dimensional sculptures that incorporate mosaic and fused glass. Visit her website to see more.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Alchemy” glass (fused and mosaic) and mirror on aluminum, 90cm x 90cm

I am a self-taught visual artist living in France. I grew up on a farm in the Irish countryside, feeling deeply lost, wondering what the purpose of life was. It was a difficult place and time for a young girl with a vision.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Alchemy” (detail)

I started oil painting at the age of 11 after winning oils in an art competition, and made my own supports using recycled materials found on the farm. I painted scenes of a faraway world–a world which brought me peace and hope.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Cosmic Love” glass (fused and mosaic) and mirror on wooden support, 125cm x 125cm

My creativity imploded under oppression, and I suited myself up and left home to find my place and power in the world of finance. Shortly afterwards, following the death of my soulmate, I underwent a complete unravelling. This process spanned over two decades, taking me back to my core, and breaking down my ego enough to experience a profound reconnection with source. I finally let go of my grip to the soulless existence I had as a financial controller in a British bank in Dublin and allowed myself to freefall into the unknown, in search of the true me.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Cosmic Love” (detail)

I had a few ensuing mini-eruptions of my creativity that brought me back to oil painting. But in 2012, after relocating to the London suburbs for love, I heard an imperial cry from within to create a monumental wall sculpture to transform our environment. This pushed me to break out completely, creatively.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Impact” recycled glass (fused and mosaic) on aluminum support, 90cm x 90cm

There I stumbled upon an industrial skip filled with the most beautiful ceramic tiles. They were all broken, lying despairingly amongst cigarette butts and plastic teacups. An existence where all hope had almost dried out. I had known that despair myself. And I fell in love with them. With their suffering. With their beauty. And with their potential.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Impact” (detail 1)

They were me. And we had a story to tell to the world around us. A story about hope. Perseverance. And love.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Impact” (detail 2)

When I create, I completely abandon myself to the process. Working in symbiosis with the materials, I allow. The form, colours, energy, message, luminosity–they pour through.

abstract glass mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Re-birth” glass (fused and mosaic) and mirror on wooden support, 125cm x 125cm

I gaze down over the creation from my mezzanine level to feel it progressing. I’m looking for a sense of harmony, liberation, and exaltation. Then I know that I’m on the right track. And I continue to allow. The techniques I use most recently are mosaic and glass fusing combined, allowing for the juxtaposition of contrasting yet harmonic materials.

glass and tile mosaic by Lady Butterfly

“Re-birth” detail

Born from crisis, my art pieces are catalysts for transformation and rebirth. Portals, they open doors, and remind us that we are here to evolve. To fulfill our potential and self-realise.

Artist Lady Butterfly at work in her studio

Artist Lady Butterfly at work in her studio

As Jean Christophe Paolini, ex-curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris wrote, referring to the abandoned materials, “Are we not like these shards: lost fragments, loaded with our history seeking to exist truly? This is, it seems, the preoccupation of (Lady Butterfly) who, in a singular and poetic approach channels her energy to passionately sublimate the meagre, the vulnerable, to give us strong, sensitive and beautiful artworks.”

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