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Meet Sigrid Patterson, the still-life artist telling stories about the everyday through the language of flowers. 

Whilst inspiration is everywhere, it is perhaps the native Australian flowers grown in both her and her neighbor’s gardens that is Sigrid’s greatest source. Taking notes from the tradition of still-life painting, the native flowers depicted in Sigrid’s works are both a literal depiction of an everyday object and representative of broader meanings. Here. Sigrid’s works invite the viewer to reflect upon not only the aesthetic and ornamental value of the flower but its significance as a symbol of social narratives and environments.

For Sigrid, the flower translates to having hope and resilience and the sustainability of our future. 

Sigrid Patterson in her studio

“Flowers are used across cultures to signify major events and milestones in our lives and to relay emotions – births, deaths, marriage, love, celebrations, friendship, sorrow, regret. I extend the story telling element of flowers to represent my social commentary and observations.”

Pride, Oil on Canvas, Size: 50 W x 50 H x 1.5 D cm

In her work ‘Pride Painting,’ Sigrid depicts a hybrid of Australian flowers and plants – with eucalyptus leaves, flannel flowers, billie buttons and grevillea to celebrate the annual Sydney Mardi Gras. Like diverse communities, Sigrid notes that a respect for difference results in a “beautiful symbiosis” of elements. 

Yes you CAN, Acrylic on Canvas, Size: 33 W x 33 H x 4 D cm

Whilst her first love was oil paint, Sigird uses acrylic for building up layers and providing depth. Based in the subtropical environment of the northern NSW hinterland, Sigrid notes that acrylic is most ideal when using a wet palette. As for the color palette, Sigird’s paintings depict the blue greens and the inky shadows of the Australian bush which she frequently juxtaposes with a shiny tin can vase (or my favorite – the spam can).

the bots, Acrylic on Canvas, Size: 44 W x 55 H x 0.1 D cm

Returning to The Other Art Fair this December 1-4, Sigrid Patterson will have a new series of still life painting fresh off the easel, featuring her recognisable flowers, native plants and vessels of distinction – all nodding to the surrounding Barangaroo reserve. 

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