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Image courtesy of Ferragamo

The Iconic Top Handle
Milan, Italy

The beauty of leather with countless different colours, a unique clasp, and meticulous attention to detail, Ferragamo focuses on its very own icon, the Top Handle bag, in a digital advertising campaign that brings out all its most sensual aspects.

Launched in the mid-1990s by the groundbreaking creativity of Fiamma Ferragamo, the daughter of Salvatore, the Top Handle is one of the world’s most sought-after Ferragamo bags. Its A-line shape, with a top handle and front flap with Gancini clasp, has become a synonym for the brand’s clean-cut elegance over the years.

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Image courtesy of Ferragamo

Top Handle stands out for its fine leather, expertly selected, processed and stitched; it is the fulcrum of Ferragamo’s passion for quality, and its creative savoir-faire. There have been countless experiments with materials over the years, with limited editions, which have made it a veritable and collectable work of art: wood, plexiglas, wicker, floral appliques, sustainable cork ect.

With its innate elegance and versatility, the Top Handle is suitable for the constant movement of contemporary living. Its strap, which can be removed and adjusted, means the Top Handle can be carried in the hand or worn on the shoulder. Its hinged Gancini-shaped fastening combines the symbol of the fashion house with simplicity: a stylish sign that makes it instantly recognisable!

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Image courtesy of Ferragamo

Inspiring and inspired, the same, yet always different, colourful, cheerful, sophisticated yet ironic … Top Handle bag embodies the many facets of the female essence, starting with the wide range of colours available (Red, Beige, Camel, Green, Magnolia…), as unique as the woman who owns it and gives it that personal touch.

Top Handle is a tactile sensation, a unique smell of leather, it is colour: a bag that affects all the senses. With a portfolio of photos and a video, the campaign combines the brand’s visual vocabulary, made up of clean lines with sophisticated sculptural touches, with an intimate perspective: the bag gently lays itself bare, like its wearer, and becomes a close bond for every woman, with every woman.


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Image courtesy of Ferragamo
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Image courtesy of Ferragamo
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Image courtesy of Ferragamo
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Image courtesy of Ferragamo

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