Rucking Fotten x Spoke Art in NYC!

Spoke Art is returning to New York City for a special four day pop-up event with our friends, Rucking Fotten

With their signature eye frying colors and focus on fan favorite films, RF has curated an amazing collection of their designs available as limited edition screen prints. From Beetlejuice to Star Wars to A Clockwork Orange to Dazed and Confused, we’ll have artwork for any cinephile around.    

Along with the exhibition, we will be hosting a special 35mm screening of cult classic, The Warriors. You won’t want to miss this chance to score the screening exclusive t-shirt. Tickets are required to attend, please use the button below to purchase now.  

: 2 Rivington Street, NYC 

Dates: June 9th – 12th, 2022

Hours: June 9 (6pm – 8pm) / June 10 (11am – 6pm) / June 11 (11am – 6pm) / June 12 (11am – 6pm)

“The Warriors” 35mm Screening: June 9th at 9:30pm

Roxy “The Warriors” 35mm Screening Tickets:

Online Release: TBD at

Rucking Fotten Star Wars VI screen print with Palpatine and two lightsabers and Japanese text
Rucking Fotten A Clockwork Orange screen print with Alex's face at top with Japanese text on all sides
Rucking Fotten Dazed and Confused screen print with characters from the film and car at bottom

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