Royal Fashion: From Palace to Runway

What do we learn from royal fashion?

If one observes royal fashion, one will observe one common thing in all periods: consistency. Be it Queen Elizabeth II, with her vibrant and colorful ensembles, Queen Victoria with her super tight corsets, or even the Tudors with their exaggerated dresses, there is always consistency. The fact is that every royal, such as the aforementioned ones as well as Marie-Antoinette, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Diana, Queen Rania of Jordan, Grace Kelly, and so many others, has deliberately created their public image through clothing so everyone would notice them.

The royals continue to be influencers today: they inspire designers to make majestic garments as they translate conservative elements into lavish creations that fit the needs of today’s people. Contemporary designers have given a complete twist to royal fashion as the clothes are no longer designed to limit the body’s movement, but rather to embrace it and enhance its strength and beauty.

The corset does not suffocate anymore; it is readjusted so that it becomes armor, an iconic garment for anyone who wishes to make a powerful statement. So, while there are strong opinions around this matter, one can only acknowledge this for sure: every person has the choice to dress however they want and feel like royalty. And while fashion is not, and should not, be a substitute for mental happiness, it can always add a little something to the way we express ourselves without having to speak.

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