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In this week’s session, we meet New Jersey artist Tony Seker. As a young refugee of the Lebanese Civil War in the 70’s, Tony found his home in painting. Tony’s family moved several times before finally immigrating to America. During that time, Tony transitioned from painting little model airplanes with camouflage paint and brush to bright colors and cardboard. The metamorphosis was part necessity and part anti-war statement. Tony was highly influenced during that time by performers, not artists, such as Peter Sellers, Bruce Lee, and even Victor Borge. By channeling their dramatic and over-exaggerated movements, by moving paint with cardboard, Tony found a medium to express my emotions and creativity semi-respectfully.

After honoring the sacrifices that his parents made, to leave their world, in order to make a new life for their children in the U.S., by obtaining two degrees and having a professional career, Tony finally committed to becoming a full-time artist just five years ago.

“With so much to reflect on at this point in my life,” Tony says, “I now try to share my greatest lessons. For example, in all of my paintings, I incorporate elements of design and randomness, which mirrors life. In recognizing the randomly less fortunate, perhaps we can be more compassionate towards them.”

Watch the recording to learn more about Tony’s art and his efforts to reach a broader audience with his work.

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