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In this week’s Critique group we meet abstract painter, Darryl Erdmann. Describing his background, Darryl says,

It all began with a generous and talented Art Teacher in High School in 1967. He lit that fire in me that is still burning today. I have heard it said that it is not what you do but who you are. This is the case with me. My Art path has taken me in many directions and offered me a view of people’s homes and their lives. I am grateful for all and hope to meet new people and welcome my work into their lives. My studio is in our home. I am also a musician and have played drums professionally. Music is always in the studio and is an integral part of our lives and my process. My wife plays piano and we both love Jazz, classical, and all music. I am currently at a gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have owned and operated 2 galleries in my career. My work has sold throughout the United States.

Watch the recording for our discussion with Darryl.

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