“News From Home – Plovdiv” by Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

‘News From Home – Plovdiv’ is a 2022 project by artist duo Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy. Inspired by their dedication to empowering communities to share their stories, the duo undertook a six week artist residency in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, transforming over 500 photos of the city into a large-scale photomontage. This photomontage, installed on a 5×4 metre wall in the city’s heart, encapsulates Plovdiv’s unique, multi-layered identity, creating a vivid reflection of their co-creation with the community during the artists stay.

The aim of this work is to explore the subtle yet meaningful stories of Plovdiv from the past, present and imagined future, drawing inspiration from both the community and the artists’ own interpretations. The final composition consists of hundreds of individual elements, inspired by the multi-layered identity of Plovdiv. Through this collision of diverse layers, the work celebrates the unique urban identity of Plovdiv as a place of ancient history, socialist heritage, modern reality and future dreams.

To date, the ‘News From Home’ project has successfully been conducted in nine countries, with each iteration fostering a deeper understanding of the local community while amplifying its voice through public artwork.

“News From Home – Plovdiv” by Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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