Living the Dream – Movie-Inspired Interiors

You can make one dystopia work in an interior, but can you make two? Of course! And while those are two very different interiors, there are some topics that seem to link them.

The Mad Max living room is a lot warmer than The Matrix one, reflecting the scorched desert feel of the movie. Nonetheless, there isn’t much natural light coming in, the round window keeping out the direct glare. We abandon the computer vibe for more earthy tones, but keep the industrial feel.

There is almost no wood used. Everything is made of glass or metal, items that can be scavenged once civilization ends. And once civilization ends, you certainly need a drink, hence a well-stocked bar. Most of the furniture keeps in with the scavenger theme, repurposed from their previous functions (check out the side table made of a wheel). While it is very industrial, the warm light gives it a human touch, making it a space where you can imagine yourself unwinding after braving the dangers of the dystopian world outside.

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