“I Don’t Wanna Be, I AM” Group Exhibition at Dubai, UAE

RexRomae presents I Don’t Wanna Be, I AM, a group exhibition curated by the Ink and Movement (IAM). The exhibition is an itinerant project that brings together the work of different artists under one roof. Creators who, despite their distinctive backgrounds and uniquely individual work, share an encompassing creative vision.

It explores the concept of identity within the context of the international art world and is born from the necessity to approach new codes, new spaces and new interaction methods inside the universe of contemporary creation without hesitation.

Having already visited Hamburg, Miami, and Lisbon, the exhibition now arrives in Dubai through RexRomae, presenting the works of Argentinian artists Elian Chali and Franco Fasoli, and Spanish artists Martí Sawe, Misterpiro, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, Sabek, Sixe Paredes and Spok Brillor.

The result is an exhibition that is open to multiple interpretations and for all audiences, offering the opportunity to contemplate individual and collective creative identities.

I Don’t Wanna Be, I AM exhibition will run until 20 September 2022. You schedule your gallery visit at RexRomae’s website.

Scroll down below to have a sneak peak on the exhibition.

Okuda San Miguel, Family Time in Pandemic II. Synthetic enamel on wood; 200 x 200 cm

Elian Chali, Cae El Mundo. Acrylic on canvas; 90 x 180 cm

Sabek, Better Off Alone. Acrylic on wood; 125 x 160 cm

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