How-To: How to Shop Art for the Dining Room


Each space in your home has a distinct style, purpose, and feel. Find art suited for every room with the help of our How To Shop by Room series, complete with collections of suggested artworks hand-picked by our curators. Read on to learn how to build an art collection to elevate your dining room, and explore our Art for Every Room catalog here

Like art, dining and imbibing are personal, sensory experiences, and an original work of art only adds to the joie de vivre of mealtime. Typically a contained space for occasional use, the dining room offers a chance to showcase statement pieces that spark conversation and wow your dinner guests. Whether your dining space is casual or formal, art is the finishing touch that adds that needed dose of warmth, texture, color, and visual interest. In short, it’s a space that begs for bold art.

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Paintings with big shapes and bold swaths of color, such as Yohanan Delauney‘s abstract works or Maria Vallier’s large-scale floral paintings, can punctuate your dining space. You can also add drama with sweeping subjects, like Dario Moschetta’s portraits of Grecian busts or Kit Johns’s modern take on capsizing waves. And you can still pack a punch in a smaller, informal dining space with Pop art-inspired food paintings by Kate Longmaid or warm, small-scale landscapes by Stéphanie de Malherbe. Whatever the scale or style you’re working with, the key to selecting art for the dining room is to curate works that enhance the experience.

When it comes to how and where to hang your artwork, furniture is one of the most significant factors. In the dining room, the primary element to consider is your table. You can hang your work around six to twelve inches above the table for cohesion or center the work on the wall if you’re working with large, open wall space.

Explore more art curated to wow your dinner guests in our catalog collection here. If you would like more guidance, contact our experienced curators for complimentary art advisory here.

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