“From Dawn ‘Til Dusk, Then Dawn Again” by Photographer Joshua McMillan

Niagara, Canada-based photographer Joshua McMillan’s photography practice allows him to dive deeply into subject matter that interests him. With his current project, “From Dawn ‘Til Dusk, Then Dawn Again,” he focuses his attention toward gold mining in the Yukon. “I have a fascination with things that endure the test of time,” he explains. Rich in history, the tradition of gold mining in the Yukon has endured for 125 years and counting. McMillan elaborates:

“‘From Dawn ‘Til Dusk, Then Dawn Again’ is an all-access exploration into this never-ending search for gold. Documenting first hand the day-to-day activities of a working mine, while examining the differences as well as similarities, if any, of the origins of this practice dating back to the original findings in 1896.”

See more from the series below!

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