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Sue Gilbert of Susan Bird Artwork presents a selection from her whimsical collection designed to inspire and delight. See more of her art on her website.

Illustrated peacock in bright colors

“Feathers” digital art, various sizes

Storytelling, humor, and my spiritual life populate the background of my art.

Whimsical illustrated village

“Cozy” digital art, various sizes

Raised in a large family on an island in Connecticut, I went on to graduate from Mills College in 1971 with a BA in English and a minor in Art History. I studied advertising design at Art Center College of Design (Los Angeles) for several years.

Whimsical digital illustration of a mythical beast

“Feeding the Beast” digital art, various sizes

Subsequently I worked in TV commercial production, then produced and directed a few short films and two award-winning documentaries. I’ve been lucky to live in Seattle since 1992.

Digital illustration of a whimsical mythical serpent

“River Serpent” digital art, various sizes

Like most of you, art has always been an integral part of my life. A graphic designer and illustrator, I am a storyteller at heart. I lean towards communication and entertainment rather than pure expression. My work tends to be whimsical and perhaps a tad escapist (a ship sailing above the world, an odd person floating in the clouds…)

Whimsical illustration of a ship sailing over the globe

“Sailing Across the World” digital art, various sizes

As my spiritual life has deepened, some of my beliefs have softly woven themselves into my art to present subliminal messages such as: The universe is both magical and benevolent, We can rise above our circumstances and Love one another deeply.

Whimsical digital illustration of a lake and landscape

“While We Were Sleeping” digital art, various sizes

My favorite themes are sailboats, stars, planets, clouds, affection, and imaginary places. My work has been influenced by Pop Art, folk art, fairy tales, surrealism, children’s illustrations, and comics. I spend lots of time enjoying the rich variety of art on social media. If I were to list all my favorite artists, I would quickly run out of space!

Digital illustration of a mythical flying dragon

“The Flying Boggeldywops” digital art, various sizes

I am inspired every day by my spirit muse, Susan Bird. Susan has worked with me since 2018 (another story altogether.) She’s a kind and somewhat sassy boss, though I’m in charge of creating all our art on computer. Susan encourages me to appreciate my abilities and to use them for the greatest good. I can always count on her to fill my notebook with fresh ideas and to nudge me to expand my artistic repertoire.

Whimsical illustration of a girl in a room

“My Life Story” digital art, various sizes

Together we have created a brand to spread positivity, hope, and fun. Our work is designed to be reproduced and seen by as many people in as many places as possible. We license merchandise through RedBubble, Society Six and Spoonflower as well as selling prints, stickers and cards on our website. We are currently looking for representation.

Whimsical digital illustration of a grandmother, mother and child

“My Daughter is A Mother” digital art, various sizes

If our art brings a smile to your heart, we count ourselves successful!

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