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Photographer and digital artist Ryn Clarke presents a collection of astonishing botanical composite images. Enjoy and visit her website to learn more.

peony themed digital photography collage

“Peonies Everywhere” archival digital prints, sizes from 20″ x 20″


As a “traditional” photographer of landscapes and macro photography, I have often been asked how I transitioned into creating such intricate composite botanical images. It was probably an accumulation of attending many hands-on workshops.

floral photography collage

“For Kate” archival digital prints, sizes from 20″ x 20″

There I incorporated diverse styles like hand-coloring photographs, working with gold and silver leaf, hand-stitching on images, and even using encaustic as different mediums to give depth and dimension to my images. I was becoming a master of many techniques. But I was still searching for that one process that lite up my creative mind.

floral photo collage with dahlias

“Window of Dahlias” archival digital prints, sizes from 20″ x 20″

Almost ten years ago, I started creating composite-type floral photographs as gifts. As a member of The Garden Club of America for many years, flowers have always held a special place in my heart.

archival digital print of a woman and floral collage

“Helen and Her Ships” archival digital prints, sizes from 20″ x 20″

The idea came that I could deconstruct floral bouquets and reconstruct them as photographic composites, print them on special Japanese paper, and mat and frame them as special wedding gifts.

digital art floral with poppies

“Poppies on Table” archival digital print, sizes from 20″ x 20″

Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” — Sir Don McCullin

Hummingbird and floral digital photo collage

“2 Hummingbirds” archival digital print, sizes from 20″ x 20″

In 2020, Covid shut down the world, but my world began to open up creatively. I began to create innovative ways to navigate different ways of living within the confines of Covid. I was able to focus my whole attention on my work – no distractions – combining my love of florals with what was happening outside in my world.

koi and clematis digital collage

“Koi and Clematis” archival digital print, sizes from 20″ x 20″

Using my landscape images as a base, each seasonal change was the beginning of a story line for me. The results of compositing my close-up floral work together with the scenic backdrops revealed a series of elaborate visual delights in what I call my Fantastical Botanicals.

digital photo collage of a woman and floral image

“Acanthus and Finch” archival digital print, sizes from 20″ x 20″

I have since gone on to experiment with the very controversial AI. I am thoroughly enjoying the sense of creative spontaneity. Presently I use it more as a research tool than actual image making in my Medusa series. But I see the possibilities of incorporating my love of flowers with the tragic stories of women in Greek Mythology.

floral digital collage by Ryn Clarke

“Flower Combo” archival digital print, sizes from 20″ x 20″

I am continuing these two series of composites to extoll the beauty of life and the sense of reality that nature gives to us. If you take the time to observe and feel the nuances, you might be able to discover hidden gems within the composites. My hope is to take you into my scenes so that you will begin to fabricate your own story.

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