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Australian artist Paul Perry presents an incredible portfolio of detailed mosaics, from small works to public art projects. See more from this prolific artist by visiting his website.

Kangaroo Mosaic Art

“Boo’roo #2” Hand-cut ceramic tile mosaic installed on a basalt boulder

I’m a passionate visual artist from Bargara, in sunny Queensland, who is now obsessed with mosaics.

Whale mosaic in Australia

“Breaching Whale (Noog’garr)” Hand-cut ceramic tile and mirror mosaic installed on a basalt boulder

After training as an engineering draftsman, then working for more than 25 years in local government, I needed to re-discover my creative side. I refocused, headed to the Adelaide Central School of Art and completed a BVA. This led me onto an art journey through drawing, mural painting, sculpting and now into mosaics.

Mosaic lamp

“Shining the Light on Yayoi” hand-cut ceramic tiles on hand formed substrate

Like my taste in music, my taste in art and artists is broad and eclectic. I have travelled a lot and visited galleries and museums across the globe. But the painting that made the most impact on me was Picasso’s Guernica, which I saw in Madrid. This was before my foray into mosaics. I would love to do a large mosaic interpretation of this piece sometime.

Mosaic lizard by artist Paul Perry

“Jack’ie Sand Goanna Dreaming” Hand-cut ceramic tiles on hand made ferro-cement substrate mounted on basalt boulder and concrete footing pads

Why mosaics? My local government experience gave me a great appreciation of the power of art as a community development tool. Painted murals just don’t last the distance in the harsh Queensland sun. I needed to find a medium that would outlast me. One that I could use to engage the community, share the experience and enhance the public environment. I call it community driven public art!

Eagle mosaic on a boulder by Paul Perry

“Unggarr’la” hand-cut ceramic tile and mirror mosaic installed on a basalt boulder

While I am constantly exploring new materials and techniques to extend my mosaic practice, and in the process creating some fascinating gallery pieces, my primary interest is in art in the public space. I love the joy, satisfaction and ownership that a community driven installation brings to a local area. Mosaic artists that have caught my attention include Sonia King, Martin Cheek, and Gary Drostle. But I’m comparatively new to this game, and discover more exciting artists and work every day.

Mosaic mural with turtle by Australian artist Paul Perry

“It’s All Connected” hand-cut ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles, smalti and boulder opal on tile backer

My most highly regarded installation is MilBi Magic, a 42 square meter mosaic installation wrapped around a public toilet in Bargara. The artwork features turtles, reef and beach scenes, as well as an Indigenous component. It was created with the help of 200 volunteers over two years. It was awarded the 2021 Community Event of the Year by the local council.

detail of large mosaic project by Paul Perry

“MilBi Magic” (detail) public installation, hand-cut ceramic and glass tile mosaic

My initial solo mosaic exhibition, Flushed Out: Street Art Meets Mosaics held in this local toilet block paved the way for the project. My mission now is to create a tourist friendly mosaic trail by transforming other public sites along our stunning coastline into mosaic installations.

MilBi Magic mosaic installation detail

“MilBi Magic”(detail) public installation, hand-cut ceramic and glass tile mosaic

A local land developer shares my vision, and commissioned me to develop a series of large mosaic works across his coastal estate and develop the Taribelang Bunda Yarning Circle and Gallery in conjunction with elders from the local First Nations people. This is an ongoing relationship and public artwork continues to flow from it.

Dragon head mosaic installation by Paul Perry

“Duggun” hand-cut ceramic tile mosaic installed on a concrete substrate

I am keen to see this type of art used to connect communities and unleash the powerful health and wellness benefits it can bring. I want to make a positive aesthetic impact on the environment we are fortunate to share. If this vision resonates, I would love to work with you too.

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