“Apito Space”: Emiliano Aiello’s place of the soul opens in Battipaglia

“Apito Space”: Emiliano Aiello’s place of the soul opens in Battipaglia

A workshop, a studio, a hive of ideas and projects, a place in which to finally feel free to express one’s inspiration, a space in which to organize painting lessons: this is what “Apito Space” by artist Emiliano Aiello is, set up in Battipaglia in Via Roma 55. This, and also so much more.

Born in Naples, graduated first from Liceo Artistico statale di Napoli (arts high school of Naples) and then cum Laude from the University of Naples “Federico II” in Architecture, Emiliano Aiello then enrolled at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” to obtain a Master’s degree in Architectural Technology. Always devoting himself to painting, his real passion, he exhibited in numerous galleries, such as Palazzo Bastogi in Florence, Palazzo San Lorenzo in Arezzo, Domus Romana in Rome, Mausoleo Bela Rosin in Turin, PAN in Naples, Palazzo Fruscione in Salerno, Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Spazio Kanz in Venice, MAC3 in Caserta, Complesso San Severo al Pendino in Naples, Fiera d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Lucca, the 32nd Mostra Mercato d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Padova.

Who is Emiliano Aiello?

He is an architect, an artist who devotes himself to painting, a world that allows him to recognize himself and the world surrounding him. Through painting I feel finally able to grasp who I am and where I wish to go. A friend of mine used to say that the others are us and we are the others. If this statement stands true, then we might say that painting is the medium I choose to use to see and recognise human beings in all their aspects, in all their complexity. The conflicts that I find myself experiencing are part of every sentient being. Being able to catalyse the destructive forces that can be found within each man is the ultimate goal of our existence.

So, what are the possibilities offered by art?

I believe art has a formative role, it is able to catalyse all the chaotic and destructive forces that surround me giving me a balance at the same time.

What does “Apito Space” represent for you?

It is a workshop, my own place in which I can feel able to create, a studio. Therefore, it will be possible to visit the opening exhibition only until 31st January. Then, “Apito Space” will go back to being a workshop in which to create, teach classes, be able to discuss on numerous topics, hold exhibitions…

Among the memories and experiences that you collected over the years, which are the ones you are happier to revisit?

I really liked the exhibition in Padova. The atmosphere was marvellous. It gave me an opportunity to meet other artists in a dynamic and stimulating environment, an opportunity to see other forms of expression. It is in contexts like this that you truly understand you are not alone, because there are others like you that are trying to follow their dreams just like you are. Being aware of this makes the present easier to accept. Moreover, it was here that I also had the chance to meet French artist Xavier Ott, whit whom I had the pleasure to discuss and exchange ideas.

Which are your latest collaborations?

I work with Moho Gallery in Villanova di San Daniele del Friuli together with Massimo Toffolo. We are currently working on researching new forms of artistic expressions. It is a wonderful reality where you can feel free to create new imaginative paths. It is not only a place of work, but also a safe space in which to exchange ideas.

What is your way of creating?

When I work I follow my instinct, I paint with violent and passionate brushstrokes. I move between abstract and figurative art. The goal I have in mind while I paint is to always depict alive figures. Like in a novel, you may find yourself discovering new details at every rereading.

Color appears to be a predominant element in your works. What does it represent for you?

I cannot do without color. Color is what has the ability to truly express my thoughts, to unveil a part of my being. Some people have a visual or olfactory memory. My memory is tightly linked to color, to the chromatic mixture that when I paint seems to be able to send me back to a previous existence.

“Apito Space” looks just like a treasure chest, a box full of wonders, a space where everyone is allowed to give in to their imagination and create, a place that does not neglect social engagement either…

I work with the organization “Mai più soli” that offers help to those in need of psychological support. I try to help them teaching classes at Battipaglia’s cultural centre. This activity truly opens my mind and makes me feel good. The result is a great exchange of ideas that undoubtedly elevates my spirit. Nowadays the world appears extremely distracted and it has become harder and harder to understand real fragility, especially because people suffering from psychological discomforts are unfortunately too often forced to deal with a lot of stereotypes that the so-called “normality” tries to pin on them.

Are you planning to organize an exhibition with the pieces painted during these meetings?

We are going to do an exhibition with their works in spring. It is a project I deeply care for.

Will art save the world?

I believe art allows us to improve as people. Consequently, art could eventually benefit the whole world by making us better as people. We can all contribute, doing our best to improve ourselves and the world surrounding us. Through art I found the instrument that allows me to “hone” my spirit, removing everything that was weighing down my being.

What do you hope to accomplish with “Apito Space”?

I wish people cared less about fleeting things, about how they appear on the outside. I wish we could go back to value the things that truly count in this life. I wish everyone could find enough strength and courage to really come to life, to follow their dreams, without the fear of being judged by others.

Claudia Izzo

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