“Do you know how beautiful you are?” by Photographer Ashley Markle

The latest project by photographer Ashley Markle (previously featured here) is a collaboration between Markle and her father, as they attempt to get to know each other after a ten-year absence. Last having seen her father when she was ten years old, the two reconnected when Markle graduated college, and in 2020 they began making these pictures together. 

“In some images I am trying to understand our current dynamic,” she explains. “In others, we are building a foundation that existed only in fragments; and reliving a parent/child dynamic that we missed out on. He watches me not only as his daughter, but the woman I grew to be, with and without him. I observe him live his daily life, searching for answers to questions I had while we were apart. I piece together what I used to know about him with what I have now learned first-hand. These images exist as timeless moments given to my younger self who desperately sought to be seen and loved by my father. Through constructed scenes of fantasy-like memories, real moments we’ve shared, observations, and the use of my photographic tools, the work forms a complete view of an incomplete relationship.”

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