Caffeinated Art — Masterpieces for Coffee Lovers!

Is there anything more delightful than a cup of hot coffee? It turns out that yes, there is, and it’s coffee in art! Coffee has been subject matter for artists for a long time now. They loved it the same way we do nowadays and it might have also been an important element of their daily lives.

Some of the most influential artists have depicted coffee — Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, to name a few. That’s why we would like to give you your daily dose of caffeine to keep you going throughout your day!

1. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec, Coffee Pot, 1884, Private collection

If you’re interested in Toulouse-Lautrec’s life, go read our article featuring his photographs!

2. Henri Matisse

Matisse is well known for his use of color. If you want to read more about his paintings, here is an article on his masterpiece Harmony in Red

3. Paul Cézanne

Art and Coffee: Paul Cézanne, Woman With A Coffee Pot, 1895, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

Paul Cézanne was a precursor of Cubism and Favism — if you want to find out more about him, here is an article that might interest you!

4. Jean Metzinger

Art and Coffee: Jean Metzinger, Woman With A Coffee Pot, 1919, Tate, London, UK.

5. Jean-Édouard Vuillard

Art and Coffee: Jean-Édouard Vuillard, Woman With A Cup Of Coffee, 1895, private collection.

This 20th-century Parisian artist was known for depicting domestic life and both intimate and crowded interiors. If you want to read about his life, here is an article for you.

6. Joan Miró

Joan Miro, Still Life With Coffee Mill, 1918

Here are nine things you must know about this Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist!

7. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Coffee Drinking Women, 1907, Westphalian State Musuem of Art and Cultural History, Munster, Germany

Want to know more about one of the most prominent painters of German Expressionism? We got you covered — here is an article about his life!

8. Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Orphan Man With A Top Hat Drinking Coffee, 1882, F. Hagemann Collection, Basel

Van Gogh’s art has always been inspiring and captivating. If you want to find out more about nature in his works, here is an article that may help you.

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