Booooooom Bingo Artist Interview: Julian Glander

In case you missed it, Booooooom Bingo is back and it’s bigger than ever! We have a ton of cool prizes (see the full list here) and, as always, it’s completely FREE to play. We’re extra excited because we got to work with one of our fav artists, Julian Glander, on this one! Thanks to our partner Mailchimp, who not only allowed us to purchase all kinds of prizes from creators we love, but also made it possible to have Julian create us a fantastic set of bingo cards and some fun animations to go with them.

Sign up for Bingo here and enjoy this little interview with Julian below!

Booooooom Bingo cards designed by Julian Glander

Jeff Hamada: First of all, thanks for the amazing work on the Bingo cards and animations! Have you ever won a game of Bingo? Are you a lucky person?

Julian Glander: Thank you Jeff, it was a treat working with you on this! I love Bingo, and I think it’s harder than people give it credit for. You have to pay attention to a lot of numbers. I don’t have any specific memories of ever winning a game of Bingo, or anything else. I am pretty much a chronic second-placer. This is a good segue into talking about Jeopardy.

Yes! You were recently on an episode of Jeopardy—I’m a big fan (of you and the show). I’m assuming you had to spend time learning all kinds of trivia to get ready for it? What was the most interesting and/or most useless fact you came across while preparing?

The cardboard sleeve on a cup of coffee is called a Zarf. Uh oh, that’s all I remember! The moment I was done taping Jeopardy it was like somebody pulled the plug out of a bathtub and drained all my knowledge of presidents, world capitals, opera, et cetera, knowing I would never need to use it again.

During the interview segment on the show, you sang the alphabet backwards (like reversing the actual sounds), it was hilarious. Have you tried to learn other songs?

I learned the backwards alphabet as a kid with the help of my Yak Bak(tm) recording toy. But I don’t think I know any other songs. Open to requests!

I always love the music you create for your animations, were you ever in a band growing up? 

Yes! I played the bass drum in marching band, played drums in a bunch of hardcore bands in high school, actually moved to NY with the dream of being a musician and failed majorly at it.

“NPCs” illustration for NYT by Julian Glander

If you started a band today, what would you call it? And who else would be in it? You’re allowed to steal famous people from other bands if you like.

Let’s put together an all-star lineup of celebrities from other fields that dipped into the music game with varying levels of success. Paris Hilton, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, William Shatner, Shaq. It’s gonna be an acapella group called Don’t Quit Ur Day Job (*DQUDJ for true fans).

I think the last time I interviewed you was 5 years ago. How has your work changed in that time?

I guess 5 years ago I was an artist whose work “lived” on social media. Like a lot of my work was specifically made for tumblr, instagram and twitter. It was a never ending cycle of making art, posting it, and having it disappear 24 hours later. Kind of exhausting. In the time since, I think social media has become a less hospitable and exciting place to be an artist in some ways. So I’m more focused on longer-form projects like books, TV, video games, stuff that can have a little bit longer shelf life for a while instead of being a post that’s gone 48 hours later.

Self portrait by Julian Glander
4 sided object by Julian Glander

How have you changed?

I’m 5 years older Jeff! Thanks for reminding me! I’m more tired all the time. That’s basically it.

Who or what has had the biggest influence on your sense of humor?

Probably Mr Bean. He has had a huge influence on my personality in general, unfortunately. I lead a very bean-like existence.

What’s the last thing you saw that actually made you laugh out loud?

I follow this twitter account of old Nancy comics and sometimes they just post single panels, disconnected from anything, that are so funny… but also really make u think!

Panel from a Nancy comic

What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year?

I’ve been learning woodworking, just making little pieces of furniture and stuff for my garden. Would love to get through the year without cutting any of my fingers off but I’m open to whatever happens.

And what about one thing you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?

I’m looking at our last interview and realizing I’ve been talking about making a feature film for 5+ years. Still chugging away at it, I promise!

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