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How To Play

OK, so how does this game work? All you have to do is sign up below and in a few weeks we’ll send you your own unique Booooooom Bingo card. Once the game begins, we’ll start releasing Bingo numbers every week in our Secret Email Club newsletters until all the prizes are claimed. You can print off your card and stick it on your fridge, or save it to your phone to mark X’s on the numbers.

There will be prizes for 1-LINE, 2-LINES and 3-LINES. Each card has 4 Bingo boards on it. All 4 boards on the card are played at once. So if the number 7 is released, mark it off on all the boards it appears. The middle square on each board is free. As soon as you have a complete line aka a Bingo, snap a photo (or screenshot) your Bingo card and email the photo and your card # (bottom right corner) to: [email protected]

We’ll announce winners each week as prizes are claimed. Once all the 1-LINE prizes are claimed, you will need 2-LINES to win, and once all those prizes are claimed, you will need 3-LINES to win the final prizes. For 2-LINE and 3-LINE Bingos, they must be on the same board to win.

So who wants to play some Bingo with us over email?! It’s FREE to play and there are lots of PRIZES! We are still adding to the list below!

Deadline to sign up is April 29, 2023

Deadline to sign up is April 29, 2023

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