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Below is an email I recently received from an artist. Below her email is my response, but I would love to hear your ideas, especially from past experience. Share your thoughts in the comments area below.

I firmly believe in sales on the spot (Sales Mktg. experienced).  I am wondering how and what would be the best approach reviving some old contacts who have come to my studio openings and bringing up the subject.  I am embarrassed to appeared like I neglected them for 8 months and finally I got around to them.

I am sure this is typical of us artists who spend so much effort putting together a show or a festival and then we are deflated by the results sometimes.

I see follow-ups as great opportunities.

Thank you.


My Response:

Great question NG.

Try something like this:

“I was going over my notes recently and came across your contact information from when we met at the XYZ show back in November. I realized I hadn’t followed up as well as I should have and wanted to rectify by sending you an image of the piece you were interested in (which happens still to be available). I would love to tell you more about the piece . . .”

Don’t hide from the neglect – admit it and use the apology as an excuse to fire up the communication. Send a photo of the piece(s) along with other useful info[…]

Good luck, and let me know the results!


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