Artist Spotlight: Kees Holterman

A selection of paintings by Philadelphia-based artist, illustrator, and printmaker Kees Holterman (previously featured here). Diagnosed with a congenital heart defect that placed limitations on his ability to meet the physical demands of his printmaking practice, Holterman has taken the time to develop his artistic talents and created his first body of paintings. Currently on view at Artspace at Untitled, “Copper Snakes” sees Holterman play with graphic shapes, bold colours, and his signature character profiles:

“The exhibition reads like a storybook — the characters exploring memories that emphasize transformation, repair, and renewal in everyday lived experiences. The Copper or Bronze Snake symbol, for which the exhibit is inspired, comes from the biblical passage Numbers 21:4-9 — a story of vulnerability, healing, and treatment; the confrontation of fear and uncertainty; and the journey toward bravery.”

Check out more of Holterman’s work below!

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