Artist Spotlight: Georgia Hourdas

A selection of colourful paintings by New York-based artist Georgia Hourdas. Born in Florida, Hourdas grew up surrounded by nature, an enduring source of inspiration which can be seen through the biological patterns and colourful shapes depicted in her work. Using shapes abstracted from recurring forms such as coral, flowers, planets and mushrooms, Hourdas creates pieces that are embryonic and womb-like but also playful:

“In contrast to their ambient or photographic backgrounds, the shapes are painted in bold solid colors. Spectral ropes of color weave in between the shapes in a fractal pattern, much like a mycelial network in the Earth’s soil, or the swaying arms of carnation corals in the ocean. I think of the shapes as angelic beings living within a utopian world. While some paintings are simply oil on canvas, I frequently use photographically printed fabric in my work as a readymade background to place my favorite ideal shapes onto, with the goal of making them feel closer to reality in an arcane way.”

Check out more of Hourdas’s paintings below!

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