Artist Spotlight: Elena Redmond

A selection of recent work by Brooklyn, New York-based artist Elena Redmond (previously featured here). A recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Redmond is represented by Tchotchke Gallery, where her debut solo exhibition is currently on view until May 10th. Using self-portraiture to explore themes of desire, privacy, and iterations of the body, Redmond employs humor and kitsch associations to point at her own uncertainties and looming discomforts.

“These works act as extensions of myself, portraits of my anxieties, angers, habits and physicality,” she explains. “Through self portraiture, I utilize the vulnerability of sharing to give heaviness to loud colors, toying with standards, measurements and expectations of smallness for the girls in each image. . . I aim to question the structure through which we look at the body; in relation to choice, expectations, loudness, and definition. Femininity, largeness, roundness, and nakedness do not act as a detriment to the girls in the paintings, but as the largest power, invading the associations surrounding them.”

See more from Elena Redmond below!

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