Artist Spotlight: Chris Regner

A selection of recent work by Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based artist Chris Regner. With overarching themes of satire, humiliation, and the grotesque, Regner’s airbrushed paintings bring together disparate imagery from pop culture and the internet to explore a range of topics, including masculinity, sexuality, the effects of technology on societal discourse, mythology, and the navigation through adulthood without strong male role models. He uses his own personal experience as a foundation for his practice, seeking to question the archetypes and stereotypes found within these themes, explaining: “I position myself as an anti-proselytizer, complicating the easy answer and presenting morally questionable individuals in my paintings with the intent of causing contradictory interpretations by the viewer. I believe that navigating this discomfort is vital when searching for a greater understanding of human nature.” 

See more from Chris Regner below!

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